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Popup menu with CSS Font Awesome 4.0

Popup menu with CSS Font Awesome 4.0

When there are talks about the design – especially the design of navigation on your site – it’s better to make everything as simple as possible . Keep it in mind and today we have decided to share with you a great drop down menu with hover effects , drop down the search bar and icons of Font Awesome 4.0.
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Social Networking Icons ” Drops “

Internet now is full of a variety of social networking icons .Today our readers are invited to set social network icon titled “Social Drops” (” droplets ” ) , developed by our good friend from the same team Being Creative.


10 original findings in the development of branding and design attributes

These are samples of brand attributes used independently for promotion the brands .


Single page scrolling in style of Apple with the help of jQuery

Single-page websites with scrolling for many years had been quite successfully used in various fields allowing pretty quickly and effectively provide the necessary information .


jqFancyTransitions: attractive image gallery

In our new manual, we would like to show you how you can create an attractive image gallery with transition effects . We’re going to use a ready jQuery- plugin called jqFancyTransitions. This is a very simple and effective jQuery- plugin to display images in a slide show with attractive transition effects . In addition,…


Free HTML5 Website Template for Charity

Patrons and volunteers are involved in an  important human problems by collecting funds and  disclosure of the existing problems. Thus you need to take care of high-quality information support and  nowadays creating the site is the best solution .


Beautiful sites with textures

By no means textures help you to add extra effects to the image of your designs. From textural backgrounds to overlay texture and design elements – there are many different ways to apply textures on the site. Today we want to share with you a collection of impressive sites which were based on textures:…


vkThread – plug-in that provides multithreading

vkThread plugin helps to developer  easily export any function of the code in a separate thread, as well as open multiple threads parallel computing. To create a Promise / Deferred object, I used the library “when ()”.


Luxury Photoshop-brushes

Brush in the Adobe Photoshop program is the best friend of the designer , Photoshop;  brushes , as fonts being over and above what is needed. If the designers properly choose the brushes they can easily and almost effortlessly create wonderful samples of art . Photoshop- brushes facilitate the work of the designer and save him…


Domize: reliable mechanism for domain name searching

Domize helps you to find the domain name to the buyer as a novice and inveterate collector.

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