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Automatic layout of sites for those who is busy


┬áDespite the fact that “robots” can not exclude manual labor totally, though some steps in this direction are carried out continuously. World of web programming is not an exception. There are programs and services for the automatic layout of the web pages. Despite the fact that automatic layout is still far from manual quality manual, it is constantly being improved. Clear competitive advantages of this layout are fast speed and low cost. With the help of service within 5-10 minutes you can get from psd layout html and css coding. It’s enough to download psd file to the site and wait for the program to convert it to html / css. Then see a screenshot of layout and design, pay a small fee and download the resulting files.

Service for automatic layout of the website is not intended to replace manual coding completely . Service is suitable for low-cost segment of the sites where the main advantage is the price and speed of manufacture. There are a lot of such low-cost sites on the Internet , and this segment is growing. It is possible that in the nearest future any advanced user can easily buy this template and automatically impose it under any CMS system.

In addition to low-cost segment of the site, the service of auto-layout helps in the creation of complex and high-budget sites. For example, you can do part of the work: quickly make images of layers of sliced PSD file, extract the text with CSS3 styles and impose a carcass site, ready for further development. One of the users n noticed that the service is convenient because it allows intermediate versions of the future site, which gives the opportunity to provide these options to the customer’s site.

An important requirement of automatic layout service site is the correct preparation of the layout. This was very detailed explained in the steps below to use the service. provides various options for payment services. In addition, anyone can make the conversion psd layout html and css for free by following the simple terms of service. For details see online service

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