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10 spectacular car design concept

Volkswagen Moog 2

 Automobile design is a whole industry dedicated to the development of the appearance, ergonomics and usability of a motor vehicle. Functional design and development of modern vehicles have already produced a huge team of various industries related to automotive engineering. Automobile design in this context is mainly focused on the development of the appearance or aesthetics of the vehicle but on the other hand, we can not take the idea of industry development of the product.

The task of the design team is often divided into three main aspects: exterior design, interior design, design and color scheme. Graphic design is also an aspect of automotive design. Design focuses not only on a particular form of car parts, but also provides for a combination of form and functionality, from the car equipment. Today we want to present to you 10 beautiful concept car design!

 01. Mercedes-Benz SF1 concept

02. Alessian 2012

03. Audi Shark

04. Jaguar E-type

Volkswagen Moog

06. Peugeot XRC

07. Maserati Shortcut 99

08. Cobra Venom09. Concept VW

10. Enes GP Concept

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