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20 examples of light and vibrant website design


┬áThe color of web site – this is always a big problem and the responsibility for each designer. Color plays a major role. They affect the mood and as a result the user behavior on your site. Soft colors attract people and although it was bright and colorful colors can make your project individually, they can also completely ruin everything.

Given the importance of flowers on the web site it is often extremely difficult to pick a color scheme. In order to choose the right colors you need to have experience in this field and to understand what color is best suited to a particular type of web sites. For example a portfolio site of a designer or an artist should be bright and saturated and the site of a photographer must be made in dark colors or light colors for the photographs be seen clearly at pages.

The online store is better to focus on the colors of labels with prices that they have attracted the attention of visitors. Color Scheme of a website should reflect the goals and objectives and this is a very effective tool. We are proud to present a selection of incredibly colorful Web sites. Get inspired and create your own .

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