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Back to Nature: 30 stunning HD-wallpaper on your desktop in the genre of landscape / nature

Leaves of Life

 Nature is really impressive, isn`t it? Beauty around us has long been known by many artists as a great source of inspiration and opportunity to awaken ideas lurking creative mind. Nature reminds us of an endless puzzle where tiles are constantly replacing each other.

Think about that for a second. Think of how intriguing the environment is. Everything works like a charm. Of course the nature has been inspiring people for centuries. Is art a reflection of our life?

Breathtaking HD-wallpaper in the genre of landscape / nature

But there is something in the nature of such a natural that we will not be able to emulate no matter how hard we try. We can create something pretty but it never will be as perfect as nature itself. Whatever produced is artificial: something will be more similar to real objects, something smaller.

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