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Strict and minimalist online portfolio

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  Online portfolio can serve as wonderful showcase for creations of artists, photographers and web designers – they are so roomy that they allow you to focus visitors’ attention on the most important materials.

Many graphic designers and photographers acquaint the public with their work attracting new customers` attention to online portfolio. The impact of demonstration of your skills and creativity, of self-promotion and stimulation of interest in your work even with the amount of time is much higher than that of non-addressed advertising.

There was a time when many online portfolio “took” their variegated and piles of external decoration effects, textures, pictures – almost like an exotic bird whose plumage is becoming a major factor of success in the mating season.

One more important trend for now is users` comfort. Besides flexible layout is especially significant for web designers portfolio. If you are currently made to order a project and want to start your own portfolio, then it`s recommended to see a selection of WordPress-template designed on the principle of adaptive design, and themes, especially designed for online portfolio.

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