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Choose a color scheme with ColoRotate

ColoRotate offers you a very special way to design color schemes. Probably, this app is certainly worth a download for your design toolbox

When you open ColoRotate you see the huge three-dimensional rotating bulb. With the location of its points.

Developer of IDEA states that the tool is based on the “neurological research on how our eyes and brain can see and handle color.” That is, you can see the colors on the three-dimensional shape (points), where the vertical plane is responsible for the lighting and shading, the horizontal plane is responsible for the saturation, and the perimeter of the bulb is covered with color palette. It helps you visualize all the colors in their interactions with others.

View ‘Precise’ allows you to adjust the hue and color in many color spaces, including RGB, CMYK, and HLS. It is also possible to generate a random pattern, if you do not have enough imagination. The fact that this tool can be linked to Photoshop to automatically change the color of the background and foreground, is simply amazing.

As you know, ColoRotate not that already a simple application for working with color, but as soon as you meet him, you will have an opportunity to learn the incredible benefits.

key Information

Cost: $ 4.99

Works with: iPad

Version: 1.1

Size: 17.7 MB

Developer: IDEA

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