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25 great admin panels


Effective Admin panel – is a necessity for almost all websites. Web masters have to publish updates, understand websites trends,  have an ability to make any changes to the site, use the built-in functionality. Admin panel from an online store, for example, is almost the most important element of the entire platform, as it allows the owner to monitor the sales, customer profiles, to perform various transactions and so on. Consequently, the effective admin panel is an integral part of almost every dynamic site.
Today, web developers can find a lot of quality and effective templates for the admin panel, which will be equipped with all the essential functions needed to manage the site.  Designers can also learn a pattern by using demos to learn them before they begin to integrate with their own project. This greatly facilitates the task, and saves a lot of time. Moreover, the appearance of such patterns in the public domain allows each person to get a little closer to web design and start creating your own gorgeous designs!
We offer you a list of 25 high-quality templates of admin panel, which designers can use for their own projects.

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