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25 textures of computer output


CG-texture (computer graphic construction) has recently gained enormous popularity. They greatly facilitate the task for web- and Photoshop-designers.
These textures are available in different color options, it opens up a wide range of opportunities to  build web sites according to customer’s requirements. Textures of  computer output reflects various subjects – from natural  to geometric patterns and so on. Various modifications of CG-textures are matched to  different  types of websites, for websites of some specialists – one type and  for blogs creative people – others, there is something for every occasion. So, do not waste precious time fussing with background construction, just adapt these textures for your future development projects!

1364216448_texture-02 1364216451_texture-04 1364216465_texture-07 1364216468_texture-20 1364216472_texture-23 1364216476_texture-05 1364216479_texture-03 1364216492_texture-15 1364216492_texture-25 1364216498_texture-08 1364216498_texture-10 1364216499_texture-18 1364216500_texture-21 1364216503_texture-17 1364216505_texture-06 1364216506_texture-11 1364216514_texture-14 1364216514_texture-22 1364216525_texture-13 1364216527_texture-01 1364216537_texture-24 1364216547_texture-19 1364216548_texture-09 1364216551_texture-12 1364216559_texture-16

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