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logos with an angry bull

Bull Run Haven _2

Practically the main feature of these monsters is their impressive physical characteristics. In contrast to the female,the bulls are quite muscular, have greater bone and muscle as well as large in size head and foot. This contributes to their incredible physique and unbridled power. But the Bulls have been the subject of metaphors not only because of its power, but because of the natural aggressiveness. Also, fortunately or unfortunately, thanks to these creatures on our desks there are dairy products and beef.

Power and aggressiveness, probably one of the main features of any serious company. This allows you to show the superiority over the competition, but also symbolizes the strength and credibility of the company. And to make faster and better convey to consumers the fact that the company has such characteristics, it presents the bull … on the logo!

Also, due to the endless demand for beef and dairy products, it is not surprising that many restaurants, food service network and so on, use this psychological factor, enticing people … bulls in the logo.

1363091320_logo-41 Barus Group Biltong Biltong Bull 2 Bull mail Bull Run Haven _2 Bull Stock Media Bulldozer bullone Bullship press bullter Fighting Wall Street Inferno Intermedio Finance LEDBull Longhorn Saloon Maverick 2 MEATHEAD Texan Toro TEXAS BBQ restaurant Texas Longhorns Hockey Toreto Toro Bull


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