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Music as a way of life: examples luxurious “Piano” posters


Piano – a wonderful musical instrument, ennobling the space around them that bringing in a refinement. Many designers grace his inspiration for the shape of emblems chic design. The sense in which the emphasis is on the keyboard. In these samples design traditionally dominated by black and white. Piano sounds relaxing and refreshing, like a blow us up. This “music” logo – the optimal solution for your music schools, colleges and conservatories.

Lack of ideas causes stagnation in the work. People of creative professions – designers and artists – in a state unfit for business. So, do not lose heart, and look for a better inspiration in the works of fellow designers. As they say, do not reinvent the wheel! In our opinion, this is the best way to tune in to the decision of its own problems and create something really new. We hope you enjoy our wonderful selection of “Piano” emblems.

1363291735_piano-logo-18 1363291739_piano-logo-03 1363291743_piano-logo-21 1363291743_piano-logo-22 1363291745_piano-logo-16 1363291753_piano-logo-05 1363291754_piano-logo-24 1363291755_piano-logo-07 1363291761_piano-logo-04 1363291763_piano-logo-06 1363291769_piano-logo-27 1363291770_piano-logo-33 1363291772_piano-logo-02 1363291774_piano-logo-01 1363291774_piano-logo-12 1363291779_piano-logo-31 1363291784_piano-logo-11 1363291786_piano-logo-09 1363291787_piano-logo-28 1363291789_piano-logo-20 1363291799_piano-logo-10 1363291802_piano-logo-14 1363291802_piano-logo-26 1363291811_piano-logo-32 1363291814_piano-logo-17 1363291814_piano-logo-23 1363291817_piano-logo-08 1363291818_piano-logo-25

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