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Theory of brand promotion: packaging design


For most brands, recognition is above all else. Occasionally, it happens, that the owners of the companies in the pursuit of exclusivity avoid wide publicity, but in most cases, they want their brands recognized immediately.Brand awareness – not the same as a positive first impression, it is a factor that allows you to encourage consumers to buy more expensive goods and services; the creation of conditions for the repurchase by winning customer’s trust and sympathy closing the first deal. Brand awareness is even more important for companies, which emphasizes immediate purchase. Remember how you bought a soda last time. Did you really analyze your mood, compare various advertised flavor varieties, find out its calorie and deliberately make the decision? It is hardly so, you just took the bottle with the same markings as the previous one.
A Malaysian designer Ewan Yap tried to define the limits of brand awareness and cut brand names on 16 banks of soda and beer. Some drinks are easy to learn, – who does not notice the typical design of banks Coca-Cola? As a result, he got quite a series of samples of packaging design, similar to the original, but not exactly repeat them. Pepsi cans and Guinness may well pass for a container of some limited batch of these drinks, and the rest, especially, Carlsberg and Heineken very vaguely resemble the originals. Modern, present appearance of these developments makes them the best option for the design of a new brand, but no matter how curious this experience in terms of learning ways to simplify was, Yep’s variations lower brand recognition achieved by these companies for many years with great effort . Thus, they are unlikely to be accepted.

Thus, the conclusion is designing brand, consider carefully the details, it can remain for a long time.

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