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Social networks. This is one of the most used resources on the Internet. Billions of people around the world use them to interact, share knowledge and experience, product sales. Obviously, there are many factors of user behavior on the Internet, and now we do not talk about them because today we have decided to share with you some cheat sheets that will help marketers from around the world to talk about their product or services.

First of all, I would like to start with the visual aspect of profiles in social networks. Since today there are so many social networks, we would like to focus on more popular and recognized one of them. The images below can be used as a template to create the correct size advertising.

01. Facebook

Facebook gives us a lot of possibilities in terms of advertising, but you will need to keep within the permitted size of the images as they are either too big or too small:

* The picture in the Chronicle – 843 x 403 px;
* Photos of your status in the Chronicle – 403 x 403 px;
* Advertising in Facebook – 100 x 72px (all images are automatically resized).

02. Twitter

If you prefer the micro-blogging, then Twitter – it’s just what you need, but do not forget to wrap your profile in a nice wrapper.

03. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network for people who are professionally engaged in any field. Make sure your profile picture gives the impression as a professional.

* Logos at the rate should be no more than 100 x 60 px;
* Picture caps must not exceed 646 x 220 px.

04. Google+

Google+ – a multilingual social network, which was developed by Google and launched in 2011. Online there are now more than 500 million users, and Google describes  the creation as a “social layer”.

05. Orkut

Orkut – an online community designed to help people communicate, create relationships and engaging communities of interest. Since opening in 2004, Orkut has experienced incredible growth around the world. Today, you can often meet people for whom Orkut is  a part of their life. Today, there’re more than 37 million users in the system.

06. YouTube

For optimum appearance of your profile page, be sure to upload images up to 2560 X 1440 px. Safe area (which is always visible) is 1546 X 423 px, and it is centered relative to the image. Flexible region (may be visible) is 507 px left side and 507 px – Right to a safe area.


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