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How to save time by downloading images to your blog on Woprpress?


Very often download of media files to your blog or website in WordPress comes to be a problem, loss of time  for bloggers and developers. But Now there is a new service that simplifies the work with loading  files on the Web.

Free plugin Uploadcare for WordPress makes it very easy to download media files to your blog or web page, store and handle them.

The principle is very simple: you embed the widget into your blog, with which you do not need to resave the files on your computer, and just download them directly from Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox. There you can process the file and publish into your blog.

There are three steps to follow:

1. Select  files you want (you can download multiple files from different sources)

2.Process them (resize, crop, filters)

3. Click Done, and get the file in your blog

Uploadcare is great for the media, popular blogs, the major online stores and other sites where a lot of pictures are displayed in different sizes.

Of course, there are some solutions for resizing or file storage. But it is usually very tedious to configure separate services for each function for working with files.  In this case Uploadcare provides all-in-one solution, but still with a wonderful interface and usability.

The service has a free version for small blogs and websites:
Free WordPress plugin can be downloaded here:

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