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10 free online services to optimize workflow and presentations


You, as a designer or a freelancer have to prepare different presentations, demonstrate their own achievements and ideas, engage in pre-planning, etc., that each of us does not come easily, because not everyone is interested in workflow services, and others never happened to deal with it.

Well, in our opinion, the ability to clearly express their ideas correctly is important for a person and increase your chances of getting orders. So today we offer you a selection of free online services, which means you can submit your ideas are beautiful, original and affordable.

01. ChartDemo

ChartDemo – a great solution for constructing combined histograms that display the parameters of the various processes in comparison, even with blanks under the labels and symbols. Of course, all this can be done in PowerPoint, but do not forget that ChartDemo – free service.

02. FlowChart

FlowChart is very similar ChartDemo, but still allows you to build charts and graphs that are available to you and your colleagues for collaborative editing and viewing. Neither you nor they do not need to install additional software for this.

03. BarChart

As the name of this free service, BarChart (bar chart) is designed to build just bar charts. More he did not know how, but it has a lot of options to adapt your builds, and if you do not need any other chart, except columnar, then you do not need any other services.

04. Bubbl

Bubbl – too nosy service with a variety of options to adapt. It allows you to make the connections diagrams online and if you want to paint them in different colors. He also has an unusual option is the introduction of ready-made objects. With it you can put your diagrams links to blogs, Web pages or on the forums, they can even be forwarded, if necessary, by e-mail.

05. CreateAGraph
CreateAGraph a distinct advantage is that the service allows you to plot graphs of all kinds. Instead of five applications we only need one who knows how to design a bar, line, combined comparative, pie and scatter plots.

06. ChartPart

ChartPart very convenient for the construction of pie charts with symbols and labels.

07. Graphviz

Graphviz – chic online service, in my opinion, it is not having no analogues in the market. This program is a graphical visualization of open source software, containing the essential functions of network exchange, the elements of bioinformatics, which allows you to create visual interfaces for the implementation of various technical options and make their own decisions on the part of the engineering development of software, building a database and web design, make use of methods of machine learning. It is located just to use it very easily, and it means you can design your charts in convenient formats. For example, you can convert the graph in SVG, PDF or Postscript for inclusion in the kind of documentation.

There are many options to adapt charts – customize the appearance of lines, hyperlinks, curved paths, fonts, colors, and table-point constructions.

08. yED Graph Editor

Online service with extensive editing and building first-class diagrams manually. You can draw diagrams by hand, and even import data for analysis at the touch of a button automatically organize large amounts of information.

09. XML / SWF Charts

Another easily accessible through the Internet service with unique features. Its main feature is that it allows you to build charts and graphs from XML-data. Another interesting feature – the dynamic assembly of arrays of data by means of various programming languages, such as PHP, CFML, Perl, ASP, and others. Service is well-suited for working with graphics, lined it means the chart look flashy and make a good impression.

10. Highcharts

Service is based at the Highcharts javascript-library and allows you to generate diagrams of various configurations: linear, combined histogram, in the form of smooth curves, the latter two of mixed type, bar, scatter plots, pie and bar. To plot and scheme workflow tools Highcharts very easily, as well as put them on Web sites or Web applications.

This is our collection of free online services, recommended to use, at least to a trial, if you often have to give presentations. Not only do they contain some interesting features, but also differ in speed, quality of results, suitable for mounting on the program structure, free of charge. All that they are capable of, you can certainly do so in PowerPoint, but do not forget about how much is the package Microsoft Office, because not everyone wants to shell out for the construction of a pair of pie charts.

If you have to make presentations, you should probably test in these 10 excellent services, they may surprise you with the breadth of their capabilities.

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