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Trend: Flat-design


Today we talk about such  fashion direction as flat-design, which implies a flat design. It is believed that the term was introduced by Allen Grinshtein, Layervault, who announced that he was no longer interested in fighting for the beautiful shadows and gradients. This design so often appears in the top Dribbble, the one that is currently selected Google and Microsoft. Apple is also on the way, as recently stated by the chief designer Jonathan Ive company.

Once upon a time the developers had no choice but to do a slim design. However, now when  huge amount of  technologies is available, simplicity  backs in fashion. The fact that the design is flat, does not mean it’s dumb.

The meaning of a flat design that we do not add different effects to the interface, thereby avoiding three-dimensionality. We remove all the unnecessary embellishment. In the foreground color. Works fine this way – we take color from the logo and use them in colors. However, it’s better to avoid black and white themes. Typography should be evident, so you need to try to be creative here. Icons and buttons should be simple, but visible, easily-clickable.

Here are some examples:

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