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12 examples of beautiful colors in web design


Without a doubt, choosing the right colors for the design – it is a very important stage of the creative process.

We need to think about the promise and the style that we want to offer our visitors and also to think about the combination of design elements and colors that would not strained their eyes, and immediately seemed attractive. Today we have gathered for you excellent examples of the use of color in web design. From small selection of different parts to colorful background images and bold design fonts. We hope you will gather the ideas here for your future designs.

01. 1364377130_img-01

02.  1364377104_img-02

03.  1364377070_img-03

04. 1364377105_img-04

05.  1364377122_img-05

06. 1364377118_img-06

07.  1364377111_img-07

08. 1364377119_img-08

09. 1364377046_img-09

10. 1364377088_img-10

11. 1364377078_img-11

12. 1364377072_img-12

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