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Free CSS3-buttons

Today, the method of using several different images for button states and their subsequent switch with CSS much out of date. Today, to create buttons you need to use CSS3. We all know why: they are incredibly easy to edit, they are supported on all platforms, they do not require a lot of resources – a list of benefits can continue indefinitely.

However, the difficulty lies in the code. Of course, you can use the framework, but for most projects, this approach can be very aggravating. Maybe you want to survive in a flat design style? Then just add a background color, border and remove the button. Today, we want to offer you what you exactly like – a set of free CSS3-buttons from the self-proclaimed geek and founder of CSS3 . If you want more free, you can always visit website.

Buttons are available in two styles: flat with a slight degree of convexity, and glossy, with an incredibly beautiful gradients. It even provides some basic transitions, allowing a small effect of interactivity.

It should also be noted that it uses RGBA-format allows you to specify the background color in the format of HEX. This means you can use any color just pointing them in the CSS-code.

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