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10 valuable tips for beginners in PPC- advertising


To master the intricacies of handling the advertising model, PPC (Pay per click – ” poklikovaya payment” ), the owners of small businesses can be quite difficult, they are not accustomed to those who had never had anything to do with the placement of paid advertising. In recent years, the PPC- model has evolved into an entire complex program with a set of useful functions to solve problems and achieve the most ambitious goals , standing in front of you in the business.

1. Be careful with the key words of a wide sense

Using keywords broad sense you can make it difficult to conduct an advertising campaign PPC- model and to reduce the share of traffic to your site just interested visitors directed each individual advertising PPC- module.

2 . Real-time data reports from the search engine of your life , learn to evaluate the quality of the keywords

It is important all the time to replenish your stock of keywords with new acquisitions , based on the report data on the nature of search queries (ie , reports, narrow subjects – reports the effectiveness of keywords).

3 . Engage key words – ” circuit breakers ” (Negative Keywords)

Keywords-the ” switch ” to help weed out the casual visitor , save resources . They still serve a very strong factor of influence in the field of advertising and PPC- earning opportunities for search queries.

4 . Improve the maximum rate of conversion of visitors to customers by dividing advertising target highly specific categories

Crushing advertising categories can also be used to determine the effectiveness of the various pages of the transition in terms of increased visitor conversion factor to consumers , thematic grouping of advertisements will help you direct users to a page transition that best meet their needs. Subject Categories advertisement promotes further optimize the general methods and techniques of doing business , increase sales reports through the use of important ” big data ” on preferences , including behavioral users .

5 . Advertising must lead to action , promise benefits and articulate the essence in the keywords

Promotional code must clearly answer search queries , offer a certain sequence of actions selected by the user and guide its further movement on the website.

6. Be sure to keep track of the dynamics of the transfer of visitors to the consumers

Your summary of ” big data ” should be as complete as possible . Tracking the dynamics of translation visitors to customers , you will know if there is a campaign of the PPC- return in the form of sales or not. You may need to revise your strategy of PPC- campaign and keyword selection , if indicators of transfer visitors to consumers will be low or even zero .

7. Separately adjustable binding advertising to search queries and display it

Optimize the allocation of your resources at the expense of budget flexibility . Invest more in that PPC- campaign that effectively increases the impact of advertising in the form of higher sales volumes.

8. Develop a strategy for PPC- based daily rent expenses

Squeeze more out of a modest budget can be a variety of ways , for example , relying almost exclusively on the phrase and exact match queries with keywords . A solid budget also gives you more freedom of action just by using the key words of a broader semantic interpretation .

9. Optimize the allocation of resources by the competent construction strategy

Distribute the budget on the basis of return on your PPC- used strategies in the form of growth factor translation visitors to customers . It is important not to forget about the flexibility of the budget marketing campaigns for maximum ROI .

10 . PPC- strategy must meet the ultimate goals of advertising campaigns

All -recruit techniques you have to serve long-term goals of your company or the customer. You need to know is whether your job is to create a name / brand , or to increase visitor conversion factor to consumers , or to collect information about your users . For the conduct of any PPC- campaign should be taken , clearly imagining its nature and course of action .

Measuring the success PPC- model in the near and distant future

As already mentioned , the optimal conditions for the PPC- campaign created by its combination with other means of online marketing. PPC- strategies may help you to improve workflow in general , to study the behavioral preferences of your users, in order to clarify the ultimate goals of your work and increase the rate of transfer of visitors to customers . The owners of both small and large businesses seek to maximize their profitability , helped successfully designed and skillfully used a marketing strategy . In the end, the final assessment of the success of PPC- model is equivalent to the value of its contribution to the return on investment .

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