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Samples of web design with large photos


Large photos – as a background or materials of the web resource make the right mood of the site. However, with it and you have a risk visually to reload the page. Therefore, sites with large photographs often generally drawn minimalistic, not cluttered with other design elements. Today we have compiled a selection of inspiring and very good examples of successful application of large images in the web site design.

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Unusual examples of “Error 404″

15 examples clearly innovative and bold design pages “Error 404″ ” Error 404 ” or ” Page is Not Found ” may appear when we are trying to  access to the requested page of the website.Being unable to display the requested web page , the web server provides another – with a message of ”…


Free vector icons for Christmas themes

Christmas is coming and we already ready to tease you with the gift .


TopCoat: modern UI library for web applications

TopCoat is an open source library of UI elements that have been developed without the usage of javascript. Elements are based on a neat HTML / CSS- code corresponding to the standards , and they are tailored to meet adaptive templates .


Free pattern : elegant design for the SPA-salon

In spite of the bad weather outside designers inspires to a new pretty “warm” project ! Today we want to share with you and offer free template . Enjoy this superbly executed free template, which is ideal for SPA-salon sites. You can use it to develop projects under beauty salon, massage and more.


Free Website Template – Horse Club

If you want to turn your hobby into an online business , you should start by creating a professional image in the network. It allows you to communicate effectively with the public , advertise your hobby and find friends with the same interests . Simplify your first steps on this path , taking assistants free…


First-class tools for Pinterest

Taking into consideration growing popularity of Pinterest, we decided to gather for you the most useful and interesting tools and utilities, which significantly simplify the process of interaction with this social network. Below you can see a list of the top-notch applications for Pinterest, from which you may gain benefit. Also, do not forget to…


Interactive visual tool for your potential income

Stand to Make is an interactive visual tool to calculate your potential income. Do you have a great idea of ​​e-books? Or maybe you are currently engaged in developing a killer set of icons or components UI, WordPress-template? Whatever your product, Stand to Make help you find the answer to one question, “How much can…


FailSafe.js: take care of the lost connection and low battery

FailSafe is a jQuery- plugin that will help you make sure that your application remains responsive even in dangerous situations. In other words it will take care of when users accidentally interrupted connection or have a low battery .


Collection of eco-friendly packaging designs

Almost everything you buy in stores , leaving behind trash , whether the package or its internal components . Since our time is much more important to monitor the environment than it was, let’s say , 20 years ago , many brands and designers prefer to move eco -efficient packaging that may be recycled or…

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